« The soul of this family business is above all a legacy. »
Since 1952
Aneca An-hor is an art form, an experience, encapsulating the very knowledge of the time-honored tradition of watchmaking.
Located near the Designers' Quarter in Brussels, just a stone's throw away from the Stock Exchange quarter and the Grand Place, Aneca An-hor has been a family-owned business since 1952. Its watchword has always been to preserve a discipline that spans both time and generations.

The company was created by Bruno Aneca, who set up the department specializing in clocks for industry and monuments. With the support of his son, the tradition of Bruno's workshops has continued on and grown over the decades. The soul of this family business is above all a legacy, passed on by learning about the many cogs, how they are assembled, and especially, the delicate nature of the work that these fragile and complex mechanisms require. Gradually becoming his right-hand man, Pierre, his son, is now an integral part of the business and its future.

In this abundant space, in the thousands of drawers, the owner has accumulated a whole host of treasures, such as vintage supplies for Piaget, Universal, Omega, Longines, and Hamilton watches; Louis XVI and Empire striking watches; 1900 pocket watches; and perpetual calendar watches...
Rue des Chartreux 3,
1000 Brussels

02 502 18 94
N°VAT 0534195529
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